About Me

At the age of 16, with 256 Kbps Internet speed, I started my career as a self-taught graphic designer.

After landing a few projects, I was hungry to keep learning more, and that's how I landed in web development.

At the age of 18, while still pursuing my education, I launched my first product around WordPress security, which did wonder. It paid for my entire education and helped me become financially independent as a teenager.

However, I exited that project and continued with my college and freelance development.

At the age of 20, I met my first co-founder Oscar Hernandez (He has been my co-founder ever since in everything that we do), known as Power Up Hosting; I ran the company for over 7 years before exiting.

At 24, I started India's first PBN Hosting platform, which I later exited in 2017.

My life changed when I launched my third startup, which failed severely and changed my whole life.

It taught me some of the most valuable life lessons, including management, team hiring, and more.

The failure of my third startup gave me the idea of PitchGround (My most successful startup to date, currently valued at $20m as of 2022). PitchGround is a SaaS Marketplace that bridges the gap between early-stage SaaS companies and early adopters, small-medium-sized businesses.

With over 92% of the SaaS companies failing in the first three years of their business, our mission was to resolve this unresolved market worth over $200 billion.

During this journey, I met my second co-founder Lukas Liesis, building the company's core foundation.

Launched PitchGround on the 25th of September 2018, PitchGround has done over $5m in sales as a bootstrapped company, something our entire team is proud of.

PitchGround has helped hundreds of companies and has seen over 80% of companies succeeding who are launching with us, out of which 15% of the companies can successfully raise capital post launching their SaaS on our platform.

At PitchGround, we firmly believe in our 3P philosophy for any founder who wants to achieve a product-market fit - Product, People & Pricing (Same format).

In 2021, I started Angel Investment, and so far, I have invested in 24 startups; I mentor some of them to give back to the community.

In 2022, I rebuilt my previous failure, known as https://firstsales.io, which is doing $500k ARR in just 5 months.

If you are a small business, do check out PitchGround and save up to 95% on your software bills - https://pitchground.com/deals

Got any questions or want to connect with me? Please send me an email at udit@pitchground.com.

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Bootstrapped to $20m | 2+ Successful Exits. 🔥Founder & CEO at PitchGround & Firstsales.io 🔥 Part of LinkedIn CAP India 2022 🔥 Angel Investor in 26 Startups (One Angel Investment Exit) 🔥 SaaS Mentor @ Brinc