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Objection Obliteration/ Shutting Down Sales Stoppers

Objection Obliteration/ Shutting Down Sales Stoppers

In today's episode, we're tackling objection obliteration - how to swiftly shut down those bothersome barriers standing between you and sweet success.

Objections are a natural part of the sales game. But with the right skills, you can leverage them to close more deals. Objections simply mean your prospect needs more tailored information from you to feel comfortable moving forward together.

Today we’ll unlock 5 Jedi mind tricks to crush objections and boost commissions:

  • Feel, Felt, Found

  • Rephrase & Repeat

  • The Boomerang

  • Killer Questions

  • Cliffhanger Stories

Arm yourself with these objection annihilators so you can quickly turn concerns into closes. Objections present golden opportunities to provide vital info that brings your prospect closer to yes.

Shift objections from frustrating to fruitful and you’ll be smashing quotas in no time. This is Udit Goenka with the podcast that helps you seal the deal or no meal – Closing Time.

Learn more sales secrets at - the sales suite with email outreach tools to help you close faster. Now get out there and obliterate those objections on your way to objection-free selling success!

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